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5 Historical Sights to See in Oklahoma City

 Just like the eponymous Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma is synonymous with sweeping prairies and cattle drives. Approximately 10% of the nation’s animal livestock and 6% of wheat comes from Oklahoma. Being at a cultural juncture that includes the Great Plains and Native American territory, it’s no surprise they intersect at Oklahoma City.   Oklahoma … Continue reading 5 Historical Sights to See in Oklahoma City

The 5 Most Important SEO Strategies You Should Follow

Discovering new ways to drive traffic to your site is part of the joy of digital marketing, although getting to caught up with theory can distract you from what is essential: getting results. Search Engine Optimization targets users who already need a specific service, product, or information through search and consequently is one of the … Continue reading The 5 Most Important SEO Strategies You Should Follow

From Sucking Up to Drawing In

Changing the Face of Professional Networking Why We Network Professionals are familiarized with the importance of networking early on, as it can be a "do-or-die" affair for furthering any type of career. You can be great at what you do, but if other people dislike you or you can't get new clients, eventually you'll find … Continue reading From Sucking Up to Drawing In

Get to Know Industrious Portland

Our SoCon Member Spotlight interview today is with Jamie Fletcher, Community Manager of Industrious Portland. Industrious is in its Select Preview week from September 17-21, and will be the host of SoCon Networking Events! Here, Jamie gives us some details about what this new type of co-working space has to offer for businesses and professionals … Continue reading Get to Know Industrious Portland

Privacy Policy Update

We Use Your Information Intentionally & With Care In compliance with GDPR regulations, Among the Stars sets forth the following privacy guidelines regarding your personal information obtained through the website. Email Address Usage Policy Email addresses and any associated information submitted through the website will be used only by Among the Stars Consulting for purposes … Continue reading Privacy Policy Update