The Socially Conscious Consumer

We tailored the traditional concept of the Buyer’s Journey to match the socially conscious nature of our clients’ businesses. The Socially Conscious Buyer’s Journey takes into account customer values at every step in addition to other purchase criteria.

The Socially Conscious Buyer's Journey

Depending on the need, urgency and level of conviction around a value, concientiousness will play a varying role at each phase in the journey.

The journey each buyer takes is not always linear, especially during a longer sales cycle. Instead, potential customers may hop around to different spheres in the journey. The goal for us is to create a marketing funnel that removes barriers for your ideal customers while simultaneously conveying your values as a company or professional.

The Socially Conscious Marketing Funnel

Among the Stars consultants design a full marketing funnel specifically for your socially conscious business. Your own funnel takes into account your marketing position and budget and may include  marketing channels such as the following:

The Socially Conscious Marketing Funnel
Potential channels to reach your socially conscious audience at various stages of the marketing funnel.

Your marketing funnel takes into account details such as:

  • Your values as a company
  • The pain points experienced by your customers
  • How values affect target audience buying decision
  • Where your customers like to gather or spend time
  • What other solutions are on the market
  • The value systems of alternative companies

Add Social Consciousness to Your Business

Leading from the heart is the way of business sucess in today’s market. If you want to translate your socially conscious passion into success and profit, we can help you!

Among the Stars consultants are experts in the Quadruple Bottom Line and have helped businesses of all sizes add corporate responsibilty programs, discover funding for employee development and training, find environmentally-friendly sourcing solutions, and even add socially responsible products to their roster.

Professional Consulting

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