Mission Statement

Our mission at Among the Stars is to help socially conscious companies become financially successful in the competitive open market. By helping companies that operate with positive values, we are actively helping the community.

Socially conscious companies are those that actively work to improve at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations while also not actively working against any of the goals.

Among the Stars’ Vision

The long-term future we envision is one where socially conscious companies grow large, earn widespread public trust, and gain the majority of overall market share for their products and services. As companies we serve grow and thrive, we will grow and thrive as well.

Company Values

We believe companies that make a positive impact on society deserve the chance to grow immensely profitable and successful.

We are caring, conscientious, and classy.

We believe conscious is the new successful.

We believe that good companies deserve honest marketing and genuine strategy.

We brand without a box.

We build without a box.

We are grounded in solid business principles, practices and strategy, and live among the stars.