Your Consulting Team

Cate Patricolo

Holistic Marketing Strategist

Originally a scientist, Cate Patricolo switched to business education in 2010 to follow her passion for writing. After working as a copywriter and journalist for two years, she began applying writing and her MBA education to the field of Marketing as an independent consultant. Since 2012, Cate has successfully generated winning marketing strategy for solopreneurs, social enterprise, small and medium-size businesses, large enterprise and Fortune 1000 companies, nonprofit organizations, and startups.

Cate founded Among the Stars in 2016 as a Benefit LLC to make it her legal mission to help socially conscious businesses find success through marketing strategy. Today, she serves as Holistic Marketing Strategist and Brand Ambassador at Among the Stars and President/ Founder of SoCon Networking Community.

In addition to her professional work with socially conscious businesses and nonprofits, Cate maintains the Becoming Woke YouTube channel and Becoming Woke blog documenting her personal journey to become more Woke as a socially conscious citizen. Cate is a regular publisher in Medium, where she voices her activism, and also loves traveling, science fiction, reading, running, painting, and playing with her dog.

Armando Vegas

Creative Director

Armando’s passion for photography goes back to his days in the Army when he purchased a nice camera for his world adventures. After an honorable discharge, he went on to earn his degree in Visual Communications.

Since 2013, Armando has worked in creative capacity with over 300 clients, and has filmed/ produced television programs such as Project Breaking Free and Building Off the Grid for Discovery Channel.

Armando has expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and other video and graphic platforms. In his free time, he is a member of SoCon Networking Community, and like taking walks with his dog, riding his bicycle, skateboarding, painting, gardening, and playing pool.