Running your own business is tough when you need to both earn new clients and do the work you promised them. The problem is, doing your own marketing is tough and time-consuming.

What If You Could Focus on Your Craft Instead?

Hiring a marketing professional allows you to focus on what you do best: Your craft. Whether it’s creating jewelry, filing legal documents, designing clothing, baking cupcakes, coding mobile applications, managing portfolios or anything else, you got into this career path as a solopreneur because you’re good at it and like doing it.

So why not focus on what it is you do best and leave the marketing to a marketing professional?

We Marketing Professionals Focus on Our Craft, Too

As marketing professionals, we know we can struggle through filing our taxes and baking cupcakes. We also know that professionals in their fields can do a much more thorough, quick, and effective job than we can.

Why do we hire you? Because we know your experience, education and knowledge in your field far surpasses ours.

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When you need answers, call a marketing strategy professional

We haven’t spent every work day baking cakes or poring over 1099s. What we have done is set up and manage hundreds of PPC ad accounts, generate growth strategies with measurable KPIs, audit thousands of websites for SEO, and develop markets that earn our clients revenue.

That’s how we’ve stayed in business for 8 years!

How Can I Stay Competitive in Unusual Times?

Small businesses are struggling in the COVID economy and aftermath, and sadly many have been forced to close. Businesses have had to change the way they conduct operations, from supply chain to customer service.

Customers themselves are living differently, adjusting to the pandemic and civil changes. Furthermore, many people are out of work or have limited incomes, making the market even more competitive.

Marketing bridges that gap between a market that is interested and an actual purchase being made. Our marketers are working nonstop to reach customers in ways that meet their needs and actively contribute to their lives in a socially conscious way.

Platforms, assets, and messaging that may have worked in early 2020 may not be optimal choices anymore. Fortunately a marketing team is here to help you adapt and thrive!

But I Can’t Afford a Marketing Team!

By far this is the largest barrier to outsourcing marketing, so Among the Stars Consulting has made it affordable for you, with a comprehensive full-funnel special offer for just $97 per month!

The return-on-investment (ROI) you receive from our expert marketing team is typically three to five times higher than going it alone with marketing. Plus, with this special package it will most likely cost you less to outsource to a whole team than the cost of the time you are spending on marketing currently.

The Among the Stars lead consulting team invites you to schedule a free consultation with us to chat more about the Solopreneur and Freelancer Offer and see if it’s the right solution for your micro-business!

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