There is nothing quite like being far out of your comfort zone to help you see new parts of who you are.

For conscientious professionals, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to face things we never thought we would have to come to terms with, or at least not so swiftly and suddenly: Shuttering physical shops. Putting staff out of work. Cancelling meetings and events. Running a business or working your role from home; maybe while caring for your children.

Given the already high level of care you put into your work as a conscientious professional, the effort required may be intense. We are all doing our part, keeping each other safe.

In a way, you may even feel the undercurrent of caring that shows in the fabric of our society.

Marketing Is as Important as Ever

In the midst of handling these serious events, marketing your business’ products and services hardly seems important anymore. Research, however, shows the opposite is actually the case now, and that leaning in is the way to emerge from the pandemic successfully.

Give yourself permission to adapt to the new normal and proceed thoughtfully and with care. Now is not the time to stop marketing altogether, as current and future customers still want what you have to offer. Keeping activities moving is key to making it through and bouncing back.

Online Engagement Surges

Online engagement is surging during the pandemic, as people seek connection even while physically distanced. That means a lot more eyes on your business’ social media and web resources. It also makes it an ideal time to advertise, showing who you are and generating excitement.

This remains true even though you may have a brick-and-mortar store, as people will get excited about getting back out to places and events.

Social Consciousness Is Piqued

“We’re all in this together.”

This is the repeated saying during the pandemic, encouraging everyone to stay inside and do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. The difference is, socially conscious professionals feel this way all the time.

This is perfect ‘non-marketing’ marketing. Why? Because people are starting en masse to think of each other and the idea that ‘me first’ is not always the best way.

Moreover, supporting local business is at the top of social conscience, as people are concerned for the fate of cherished businesses in their local areas.

Tasteful Socially Conscious Marketing Strategy

The dream of socially conscious professionals is to change the paradigm of business to one where businesses are part of the community and the community is better off because of the existence of the business. This message is resonating with people in a whole new way now.

Putting forth what your business stands for should be core to your strategy now more than ever. If you were shy about wanting to advertise your beliefs before, perhaps now as people look for connection and social consciousness you’ll be convinced.

While it may be easy to fall into the idea that “no one will care about the environment right now,” or, “my company’s core beliefs are back-burnered,” that simply is not the case. People are becoming more aware than ever as the pandemic has made us re-think our daily lives and actions.

Course Correcting Your Marketing Strategy

Stay tuned for the next posts in our series for some specific strategies you can use at any budget to help your business maintain long-term growth and gain short-term recovery.

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