The 5 Most Important SEO Strategies You Should Follow

Discovering new ways to drive traffic to your site is part of the joy of digital marketing, although getting to caught up with theory can distract you from what is essential: getting results.

Search Engine Optimization targets users who already need a specific service, product, or information through search and consequently is one of the most powerful methods to market your site and to increase its visibility. With this in mind, it is important to be discerning with your time, and we’re here to help you save hours of research with these five essential SEO practices that you should be following.

  1. Research

This seems contradictory, but this kind of research is shifting focus more toward concrete information.

Research is the basis of search. The world is constantly changing and so too are the metrics of your site; and although it is not a strategy unique to SEO, it is certainly the paradigm for successful SEO. How you choose to conduct research is indubitably composed of strategic choices.

Understanding trends, conducting keyword research, and analyzing your site’s data insight from Google Analytics, provide you with useful information concerning your site’s performance and it’s ranking value in the SERPs.

Use your findings to guide you through the process of deciding how to develop quality content for any campaign or strategy you may wish to form.

2. Optimize Landing Pages

Well-designed landing pages are specifically tailored to a particular audience to convert traffic. They should be valuable to the targeted audience and will likely improve the potential to generate sales and leads.

The more landing pages you create, the more portals you open for incoming search traffic.

3. Optimize Links

Links are an expansive playing field. They are widely discussed amongst search marketers and its importance is rarely understated. With links, the possibilities to improve the rank of your site in the SERPs are seemingly endless.

Here is your opportunity to build authority by:

  • Internal linking
  • Linking to external sites with high domain authority
  • Include an appropriate number of links on a page and to
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary links on a page
  • Fix broken links
  • Remove nofollow links

All of which contribute to promote a healthy relationship with search algorithms and will improve your site’s SEO.  

4. Capitalize on Local SEO

Taking advantage of Local Search can improve your SEO in ways.

Use Google My Business and submit to a variety of local directories to make your business accessible to local customers as possible and start a dialogue with them.

And ensure your site’s NAP is consistent across all directories.

Local SEO can be a very powerful component of your web strategy if done strategically.

5. Regularly Audit Your Site

Auditing your website periodically will derive real and actionable insights to measure and track your site’s performance with.

These frequent insights will permit any changes you make to your site to be more responsive to the rapidly changing reality of SEO, enabling you to make the changes necessary to optimize and maintain your site’s fullest potential.

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