Our SoCon Member Spotlight interview today is with Jamie Fletcher, Community Manager of Industrious Portland. Industrious is in its Select Preview week from September 17-21, and will be the host of SoCon Networking Events! Here, Jamie gives us some details about what this new type of co-working space has to offer for businesses and professionals in Portland.

1.) Industrious is a new option for co-working in Portland. What makes Industrious different from other options like WeWork?

Industrious is the country’s leading premium co-working and private office space provider. We tend to surprise and delight people who are familiar with other co-working spaces and looking or a sophisticated, beautiful, client-ready alternative to the traditional office space. As a company,  there are three things that truly set us apart:

  1. Hospitality: When you step into our lobby, we want it to feel like you are walking into a 4/5 star hotel. Renata and I are here to make sure our members feel personally connected and cared for on a daily basis.
  2. Community: We limit our memberships so we can get to know all our members on a very real level, which allows us to tailor your experience as well as introduce you to the fascinating people that you see around the office every day. We promote networking through our events and happy hours and are always looking for new ways to build meaningful relationships.
  3. Design: Our design is modern and understated, with lots of glass, plant life, and natural light. You’ll only see the Industrious brand behind the front desk and on our coffee mugs. That’s because we want to help your personal brand shine through. This is YOUR office space! Think mid-century modern with stellar views of Mt. Hood and Pioneer Square, with an authentically Pacific Northwestern vibe.

Essentially, we are so dedicated to the member experience and our goal is to change the way that people experience work.


2.) What kinds of businesses and professionals would thrive the most at Industrious?

Anyone looking for a supportive, sophisticated, amenity-filled space and a true community to help their business rise to the next level! If you’re tired of working out of your living room or a noisy coffee shop and need a space that will be comfortable to you and impressive to your clients, Industrious is for you.

We truly do serve everyone, from solo freelancers to teams of 100 people. Our memberships work on an all-inclusive, highly flexible model that is meant to ensure that teams of any size have the amenities they need without being locked in to the restrictions of a traditional office space lease. Industrious has provided office space for companies like Spotify, Pandora, Compass, and McKinsey, but our heartbeat is with the small entrepreneur community. I always tell people that my job is the best, because my entire day is spent supporting people’s passion projects! No matter how big or small, we believe in our commitment to sweat the details and serve the whole person. We’re here to make sure you feel great in your new work home.

3.) How does Industrious support socially conscious professionals who are looking to make a better community through business?

You’re doing your part to save the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about where you’re meeting your next client, what you’re having for breakfast, and whether there’s toner in the printer? It’s these little details that distract from the big mission, and that’s exactly what we’re here to take care of for you. Think of us as your home base, your work family, and your cavalry: all in one.

No one can do everything on their own, and the gift we have here is being able to provide the fertile ground and the safe space for the socially conscious warriors to be more efficient, make more money, and amplify their impact in our community. This is the step that gets you off of your island and into a tribe!

On the large scale, it’s no secret that coworking truly is the future of how business of all kinds are going to create their office spaces. We’re significantly more flexible, more accommodating, more supportive, and more affordable than finding and signing a 10 year commercial lease and building out a space all on your own (while trying to keep ahead of the actual work you have to do!). I’m proud to be a part of an organization that makes it possible for more and more people to focus on what they do best; especially in the socially conscious small business sector, this is an incredibly powerful shift, and I’m honored to be a part of it.


4.) So, give us some of the details: What are your hours, what do members have access to, what are your requirements for membership, how can people take a tour or join?

Happily! We’re located at 811 SW 6th Ave, Ste 1000, Portland OR 97232, right on the corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square. Taking a tour is super simple: just go to https://www.industriousoffice.com/locations/portland and schedule at your convenience. I’ll be here to greet you when you arrive, show you around our beautiful space, and answer any and all questions that come up. We really strive to find out what is going to make your office spectacular for YOU and come from a consultant standpoint. At Industrious, we want to be a resource to make your search easier.

The office is staffed between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., but as a member you have 24 hour access to the space, including bike storage and private showers, conference rooms, wellness room, and our Cafe Commons. During the workweek, we offer daily breakfast (like pastries from Little T Bakery and Bowery Bagels!), snacks, weekly happy hours, and 12 events per month to help our members connect and feel supported. Past events have included everything from complimentary headshots and chair massages to workshops on how to build your LinkedIn presence or plan for retirement. We stay responsive to what our members are interested in and need, and as your Community Manager, I’m always open to new ideas!

At Industrious, you can choose between 30-day, 2-month, and 12-month memberships, and there really aren’t any requirements other than a desire to join a tribe of like-minded professionals in an elevated workspace. I think you’ll find us to be not only welcoming beyond your expectations, but compassionate and committed to making sure you have a great day at work.

See the new space for yourself this Thursday, September 20 at the SoCon “Dog Days” Networking Party!

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