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At Among the Stars, we walk the talk. That means not only providing consulting for socially conscious businesses, but living daily life in a socially conscious way.

Because of this, clients, friends and networks alike often ask, “What’s a good socially conscious solution for _______?” We are constantly gathering socially conscious solutions for all kinds of product and service needs, and rolling out recommendations.

For this reason, we have started rolling out our Amazon Recommendations Page. These recommendations are from Among the Stars staff and represent only products that have been tried and loved.

Check back often, as we will be filling out our lists with all kinds of favorites, including health and wellness, travel, fashion and beauty finds and even socially conscious book recommendations!

Shop Among the Stars Affiliate Companies

Recently, we decided to partner with some of our favorite socially conscious products and services through our Affiliates page. Use our links to get great deals on socially conscious products and services, and support Among the Stars at the same time!

We have a careful selection process to make sure affiliates support a socially conscious mission. Let us know if you have a socially conscious affiliate opportunity– we would love to consider it!

Shop Our Etsy Collection

Donated and staff art rounds out our collection on the ATS Etsy Shop. These offerings are not part of the ATS product/service package, but your purchase supports us in continuing to offer high quality consulting services to all types of businesses in need.

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