Are you a weekend warrior? Do you live for vacation, while ticking down the hours at work? Perhaps you know it’s time to make a change with your working life, but what? And how?

Finding Meaning in Your Working Life

Finding meaning and inspiration at work is for everyone– not just a lucky few. What it requires is a change in corporate culture to one that prizes all stakeholders: Shareholders, owners, managers, employees, customers, community, and the environment.

Handing a Flower.jpegBy putting all stakeholders at the forefront, not just those sharing in the profit, you become a socially conscious business. Socially conscious businesses environments are demonstrated to be more professionally and personally rewarding to employees, leading to increased motivation, higher productivity, better quality output and… Increased profitability!

The Socially Conscious Business Culture

You need not be a Department Manager or Co-Founder to start making these changes in your organization. Anyone, at any level, can add meaning to their working life. It all starts with finding a way to make a positive change and finding a way to implement it. Ask yourself:

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What causes do I and many others in the company really believe in?
  • Are there sports or activities we employees can enjoy together?
  • Where can we find opportunities for professional enrichment or team building?
  • How can avenues of communication be improved?
  • Which aspects of my organization do I and/or others really dread?

Examples of Positive Social Change in Business

Businesswomen and men are often surprised to learn that their business need not be a nonprofit organization in order to make a positive impact. In fact, socially conscious business practices can be very profitable. Some examples of socially conscious practices you can implement in your business or in your department:

  • Change to a more eco-friendly supplier
  • Supply locally to the extent possible
  • Organize an employee volunteer day
  • Donate products or services to a charity, nonprofit, or socially-conscious organization
  • Choose organic ingredients
  • Switch to recyclable, compostable, or eco-friendly packaging
  • Hold team-building exercises for employees
  • Sponsor a sports or outdoor activities program for employees
  • Encourage alternative transportation for employees and suppliers

Need Help Implementing Positive Social Impact Programs?

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